why am I coding?

I write code to solve problems. Since my family moved to Canada the best way to keep the connections between people is technology. That's why in 2014 I started sharing our stories on wordpress.org. Soon it was not enough - I wanted to have a full control over my piece of the internet.
Some day, I will build an app to fully see, feel and touch people on the other side of the computer screen.

instastories app opening screen

Instastories app

spring 2018.

  • fetching current articles from New Your Times
  • AJAX request built with jquery

TO DO list

spring 2018.

  • app built with jquery
  • css styling based on material design

Weather app


  • app built with jquery
  • showing current time and weather from Open Weather API
  • animated weather icons from codepen.io

Quotes on Devs WordPress app

spring 2018

Wordpress based application using Wordpress REST API endpoint using Ajax to get and post custom posts..

Pong game

spring 2018.

ES6 JavaScript only classic pong game

Notes taking app

spring 2018.

  • JavaScript only app, where user can add, delete and change notes
  • used CSS framework: Bulma
  • user story in progress: change the note color from 3 color palette