Technologies and programing languages I have worked with. And more

All the web related stuff I know

name details status
HTML semanitc code; html5 5+ websites coded
CSS SASS; css effects; variables; 1 project coded with Bulma practice framework more: Bootstrap
JavaScript vanilla JS used in 2+ projects; jquery used in 3+ projects; API; DOM manipulation; JS environment: Gulp and Webpack; ES6 learn modern JS frameworks: REACT and Vue; finish JavaScript30
PHP basic syntax knowledge; 1 project: simple PHP blog learn PHP for backend
Static website generator 1 website set up on Jekyll.Challenge: support for Windows learn Gatsby and Hugo
WordPress 3+ WordPress customization done with PHP. Working knowledge of WP developer themes' and plugins' customization; WP queries; WP template hierarchy. Experience with commercial themes and page builders (5+ WordPress sites). dive into Gutenberg and adjust existing websites
Web setup working knowledge of setting up domains and hosting. learn about SSL
Git and Github basic knowledge, all my personal projects have Github repository; 1 team project learn Git for dev teams
Web projects management working in compliance with Agile methodology; managing 2 WordPress projects with clients (communication, documentation, invoicing); project management tools: Asana, Trello; project documentation and execution learn about SSL
Digital marketing working knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (up to 10k page visits per month ); managing social media: FB and IG (Hootsuite, Later); 3+ newsletter integrations (Mailerlite); landing pages: Unbounce learn Google Ads and paid FB/IG campaigns

Other subjects I have covered

Design: Canva online tool