Day 40

  • It is hard to believe that I’ve been in school for 40 days now (minus weekends and holidays). It is big! I can feel the difference and I am more sue about my skills right now. When I look back at my initial projects, even those, I was proud of, I feel little nostalgic, but they make me itchy. They are so poorly coded, no structure, no developer set up, styling and design are awful. Hehehe, I guess I own RED also that my taste changed.
  • Finishing off our 5th school project - Quotes on Dev, with Wordpress REST API. This is very interesting and I already have an idea for a simple app using the feature. Hope to work on it during the weekend. But if the weather is good, I need to bike with my family. I have not been outside longer than two hours for 40 days! :D
  • Do you know what master resume is? I do! We covered that on our Personal Professional Development class today. It is a hell of work, but once done, it should be easier to tailor any resume for a specific company job post. It is on my to do list. But first I need to code my to do app :D.

cheers, Kate