Day 38

  • It is hard to believe that second month of school is almost over. We just submitted our 4ht project - simple wordpress site. It seemed huge when it came to css styling, but I am vary glad that we did it. Right after submission we started the next project, focused on WP REST API. I won’t lie, I need to watch more tutorials to fully get it. For this project all the css can be done within one lab, yay!
  • Due to RODO and other data protection stuff I am swamped with changes on my two polish blogs - I need to sign contracts with hosting company, newsletter company, create policy and inform all my visitors what I am doing with their data. Lots of paperwork, and I am still half way ready.
  • I know that in Canada no one celebrate International Kids Day, but believe my, my kids will not forget. We haven’t been living in Poland for 4 years but for them 1st of June is more important than Halloween for Canadian kids. And I do not have anything special done yet (or bought)

ok, getting back to my project and portfolio site which I hope to finish this week. After that: rock, paper scissors (becuase my boys do not wanna play with console.log - they want real buttons) and RED community project.

cheers, Kate