Day 31

  • We had Victoria Day long weekend but I stayed home and tried to apply this massive amount of css to our new project: Inhabitent Store Wordpress site. It did not look so scary at the beginning but after diving deeper and deeper I realized that, omg, there are so many classes I should use! Thanks to today‚Äôs lecture (about Information Architecture) it all started to make sense. And I can see that with this project, I can actually learn so many new css concepts, like filter or css sourcing map (awesome!).
  • At school we also had a townhall about blockchain. Make sense, but I do not see our family using it for our finance and investing. Too many question marks right now. Besides, thanks to Vancouver housing market we do not have anything to invest ;)
  • Back to coding: I really, really like what we are doing with Worpdress right now. I guess I am sentimental - 4 years ago, when I started blogging, all that WP stuff were terra incognita for me and I remember how frustrating I was back there, asking my husband for every single tweak in code / theme. Looking back I must thank Wordpress that kind of made me learning how to code. I did not know that this is such fun.

    Thank you, WP!

cheers, Kate