Day 27

  • I should have bought ticket to the Vancouver Tech fest earlier. I was not sure if I would be going and by the time I finally decide , the ticket sale finished. Hmm…
  • I was also asked to explain my php code today. The Space Blog lab activity code. I did not go well, I need to leave myself more comments inside the code, because I have difficulties with explaining it to other. I guess I took the approach “the code is working, no matter how”. Well, it matters how. Otherwise I just have the feeling that I touched something, scratched something, it felt good for a moment (“yay, it is working”), but then the bigger question arrived: “good, but how it is working?”. It is so frustrating not being able to share my way of thinking. Also, too much stackoverflowing, Kate, too much.
  • I do not wanna finish this day with a bitter mind, so I will write, that I am very happy - we’ve started Wordpress theming. Inhabitant site and Wordpress API, nice, sweet, omg. :) Very happy. I do not get games and pong project was not my kind of web thing.
  • My family refused to help with doing grocery shoping so for the next couple of days we will be eating cereals and onions. This is what was left in the kitchen. No worries, we will not eat them together ;)

cheers, Kate