Day 26

  • Today we got more PHP fun. It was fun actually. I just painfully realized that that I should have spared myself “stackoverflowing” yesterday (I was looking for function that allows to loop through multidimensional array in PHP). We got the method today, and it is way easier than what I found googling. Lesson learnt ;)
  • Trying to get together my knowledge and start building kind of portfolio site. The github repo for that one is under name: the-time-is-now, but it is real mess when it comes to workflow. I need to straighten the files paths and import/export dependencies. I want to use CSS Grid because I did not use it once in any projects.
  • So tired that I actually felt asleep right after I got home. I took a nap with my younger son. I woke up but he still sleeps. These are the wonderful evenings when kids are sleeping…. O I know what I am gonna do - I will set up my account on WorkUp. Because, why not? :) cheers, Kate