Day 25

  • We have started 6 week. The townhall, aka students gathering and brainstorming was about quick prototyping the ‘something’ that helps with organizing trustworthy and transparent fundraising. It was meant to be like a short hackathon. Good cause, but it was too laud for me, therefore I could not focus and think. Maybe am just old….
  • Today I wrote my first line of PHP that I actually understood. I remember when in February I was trying to tweak Wordpress default theme: twenty sixteen and all what I was doing, was googling, copying, pasting and trying to get it look like I want it to look. Not too much of understanding what I was actually doing. Writing PHP and HTML tags together is even possible? As it turned out, it is. Sweet deal :)
  • As a lab we are writing simple, two pages PHP blog, without database and post data fetched from json file. I pushed mine to Github in case you wanna look at the code (very ugly code, I must say).
  • Summer, thank you for your generosity. Could you chill out a little? My family went crazy due to this sudden summer take over and all my boys are sick. Additionally there is a pro d day this Friday, and I might bring Chris with me to RED, because I do not have a babysitter. In such moments I miss Warsaw so much…

cheers, Kate