Days 22-24

  • I am sorry that many times I cannot keep up with daily blogging about RED experience. Last two days (and nights) my little one get sick (Welcome to parenting fun stuff) and we start talking about Java Script as object oriented programing. This is huge! I mean, Java Script and concepts of class, objects, this, bind, etc. We needed to prepare the pong game and my whole time was eaten up by this project.
  • I admit it - I do not get most of it. I do not know it. Yet. Too many “thises” in one place. That’s why I watch almost all youtube tutorials with “java scritp objects” in title.
  • On Monday we will start PHP. OMG.
  • The course pace is reasonable but I wish my day has like 60 more hours because we just scratching the surface of every subject. And I wanna know more, don’t you? I already make plans of how in July, once the program ends, I will go back to every slide we’ve seen and do all the labs and classes exercises. I do not feel I know anything. I guess this kind of feeling will stick around for the most of time.
  • and yes, Suncouver is on its very best this month. Thank you lovely city.

cheers, Kate