Days 18-20

  • This day came - I have totally forget to sum up what we’d learnt during classes. My brain is on vacation? What happened? No idea….
  • Wednesday: Accessibility, Thursday: Web Performance, and Friday, ah Friday: Programming Interview! The challenges from programming interview were great, I wish we had more of that. And it looks like we will! Next week = JavaScript week. I am very glad, because this is not easy stuff to learn by myself. It is good to have somebody to pair up and code together. We will pong it! (create a pong game).
  • Weekend is so beautiful but I cannot enjoy it knowing that in fact I do not know enough to consider myself well prepared for advance JavaScript class. I stayed inside and tried to study. Could have gone better, but, well, I tried.
  • I ma helping with website built on Joomla and I got a desperate call that white screen of death appeared! Most of my weekend I was re-coding Joomla design and assets to WordPress, hoping that at least static version will be done. I do not know anything about Joomla and as for the first impression - it is not very beginner friendly.
  • Week five - here I come! cheers, Kate