Day 17

  • Having UX guest lecture today - thank you! And I’ve heard that some of us, developers, actually like it even better than coding itself. No wonder, UX seems to have lots of interdisciplinary connections and is very people oriented. This feels good, even better than relation with the machine (but I love you, my laptop, you know that! :))
  • Today’s topic: CSS Grid. Wow, really handy tool. I am trying to code a simple one-page website using the grid. Practice makes perfect. Ergo I need more practice.
  • Having my resume previewed for the second time. Thank you RED, for the couch Charina, she knows the drill. It does not mean I am ready to conquer the world, but at least I am aware. And that’s something.
  • And sun is back - thank you, whoever put it there!

cheers, Kate