Day 15

  • Project work day all day. Plus P-Day t school. Plus beautiful day outside.
  • We get evaluation of first course project. I managed to complete it. But there was couple of very basic mistakes made: I need to re-factor the code and make it more clean.
  • I looked at the course calendar and it seems that we will be having more and more project days. I seriously consider investing into good headphones so I can silent out the buzz outside. Otherwise it is really hard to focus and work efficiently. Maybe on Monday I will sneak down, to UX/UI floor and see if they have any empty room available..
  • In the evening I got myself caught by thoughts that I do not know anything bout JS - I was trying t solve some JS challenges from the upcoming week labs, and I literally got stuck on every single one. Even reversing a string seemed like impossible to write. Ehh….. Luckily I still have couple of nights before next Friday.
  • Polishing off the client website: I am very glad to work on this, because I learn so much. Not even about web dev itself, but about business at all. For example: how to treat web assets that needed to be uploaded from client’s online account like youtube video. These are sensitive login details and I was not sure how to approach it. Or pulling out data for setting up Instagram or FB fee on the website. And more fun is yet to come: Google analytics! I have never done them on clients websites so have no idea how to actually manage GA account that is not mine. “So what, Kate, you do not know it YET. But you will, eventually” - this is my new approach after seeing very inspiring video on our first RED PPD class.

cheers, Kate