Day 14

  • AAAA animation, css animation, transition, etc. Plus funny fact: go to the Font Awesome website, search for an icon by typing “girl”, and look what happens :). Then type “boy”. AAAAA, it is awesome, dear Font Awesome ;)
  • Instanews up and running, there are two more working days to polish it up. I want to use some time to build more with my weather app, to practice ajax and js. ANd my card-generator app has not been finished, buuu. I should have finished it for today - today is my younger son’s birthday, and I set the date as my deadline. But I did not delivered - why? Time management failed, I guess. Well, now I need to finish it before my older son birthday (August).
  • I am very tired, like really tired after today. Maciek took his birthday gift to boys and girls club and somebody stole his most valuable card! On his birthday! There was a little bit of a drama, but luckily he seems fine now. But I am so tired.

cheers, Kate