Day 12

  • This day arrived - I could not install on Windows whatever was required for development environment. Yes, I am aware that mac is a better choice. Still sticking to my windows though. Will see when it gets me ;)
  • I blamed GULP for all those errors, because, well, it is good to have somebody (something?) else guilty, other than myself. I see the necessity of using GULP as JS task runner, helping in general. But installing this stuff was hell. Jim & Stu & Mandi, thanks by the way.
  • Later I was trying to catch up with lab tasks from yesterday: fetching data from weather open API and Itunes. I did the simplest ever weather app, but Itues refused to cooperate (I was not even able to get the API key, wth?). Anyway, this means 2 more hours on instanews project. Or should I just catch up with some sleeping?….. very tempting….

cheers, Kate