Day 11

  • April 23rd - the first deadline. During the weekend, I wanted to do more on my first project: coding pixel-perfect website, Aloha Apparel, but I ended up with setting the Wordpress website for a client, a beauty salon’s owner. A real client, who “paid” me for the website by offering me a “total makeover”, aka haircut plus color ;). The site is not live yet, because, guess what, I need to design pictures for it. Yeap, I got like 50 pics from a professional photographer, none of them can I use as a website call-to-action banner. I need to photoshop even the staff pictures! So I guess I took a valuable lesson this weekend: how to work as a freelancer with other freelancers, and clients. “Make me the website”, that’s pretty much all the specification I’ve got. Gonna work with this and smile :)
  • At RED, we have started our third week. Having Townhall, kind of assembly, this morning, meant starting week with really weird stories (like North Korea dictator and a big foot, and ice creams, and touching missiles [whaaaaa?!]).
  • And here comes sir AJAX! I’ve heard about it for a long time, just pretending I know what’s that. Now I know. More or less. Having fun with creating simples API apps, like getting data from Github. I started writing something based on Star Wars API, just to score some extra points from my boys. My older son, Chris, once he found out, he took over the idea, and wanna build it on his own. So, Maciek, my younger son, gets the Pokemon API, I guess ;)
  • Last night I’ve started with my second RED project, Instanews App, fetching data from NY Times. I wrote a jquery and js code, and it works. Still works, so probably, I gonna break it tomorrow, while adding some css. Or maybe no (fingers crossed).

very sunny day, yay! cheers, Kate