Day 10

  • First time we had a project day. I am not sure if this kind of learning helps me, but it does certainly help some guys from our class. It might be my English language limitations: sometimes it is really hard to explain to somebody, what my problem is. I guess, I need to work on that too.
  • We also had our first PPD (Professional Personal Development) module last Thursday. I like the energy and knowledge of Charina, our facilitator. I was not, though, able to sit two hours with moving (those benches at the kitchen, oh no, they are bad and uncomfortable), so I stand up and stretched a little. Maybe I was rude… Or maybe PPD could be shorter? ;)
  • Looking forward to the upcoming weekend! - I am working on client project: a website in exchange for a haircut (pretty sweat deal, don’t you think?).
  • And my little to-do list can do more and more (very proud of myself on that). I will try JavaScript 30 challenge with Wes Bos and hope for some small and cute project.

cheers, Kate