Day 09

  • We got to add funny features, I meant jQuery stuff, to our project page. This is always fun; kinda of: I do not know, why it is not working, and I do not know, why it is working. ;) It’s really hard to belief that we spend two and a half days on JS and jQuery - I fell like sitting under a very thick blanket and not getting any noise from outside world. And this is just a warm up, guys.
  • I wonder how much time, if any, is dedicated to JS on CS classes. A semester? Two? And we did absorb some knowledge in 60 hours. Superheros, that’s us!
  • Speaking of superheros. There is this movie: Lego Batman Movie. My boys love it. In a trailer, Batman repeats a basic house rule to his butler, Alfred: ABR, Always Ben Recording (whatever Batman sings, I guess). So last night I dreamt about Lego Batman. And he was singing ABC, Always Be Committing (to Git, I guess).
  • This is getting really weird….. link to Batman Movie Trailer []

cheers and …. always be coding, Kate