Day 06

  • I was attending my first tech conference. Did not get like 90% of that, but who cares. It is not magic and I will crack it some day. Some day!
  • my kids said after the 1 week: “mommy we hate your school” :( It is because I am no longer available for them in the afternoon. Plus the dinner is pretty much sandwiches. Plus house looks like mess. Plus I’ am stressed and not getting enough sleep, so I yell a lot. A lot. No wonder they hate it.
  • I am on the other side enjoying it more and more. The fun part, JS is coming. Problems solving, mniam!
  • I am trying to built this birthday card generator for my son (April 26th) but I do not have enough knowledge yet. The best is yet to come.
  • This week I really need to finish my first client project , yay commercial one. Watching revolutionary sliders during nights, because client wants this slider. Tons of options, not enough time.

And it is raining. Again……

cheers, Kate